The project will aim towards producing accredited outputs on a yearly, rolling basis.

  • Every year, two journal articles, one in a local journal (e.g. Communicatio or Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies) and one in an international journal (e.g. Journal of Asian and African Studies, International Communication Gazette, International Journal of Press/Politics, Chinese Journal of Communication) will be produced, per year.
  • One book chapter in an internationally edited collection will be produced per year.
  • A colloquium in which findings of the project will be presented, will be hosted at the University of Cape Town in the final year of the project.
  • An edited collection of papers from this colloquium will be published either as a book or as a special issue of a journal like Journal of Asian and African Studies or Journal of African Media Studies.
  • The main findings will also be summarised in articles for popular media, so as to make the results of the research accessible to a wider public.
  • Students will also be encouraged to publish journal articles based on their theses. From this student work at least 5 journal articles (1 per student) can be anticipated.
  • A key objective of the outcomes to be produced is to engage with local and international audiences, mainly academics but also the general public.

Local audiences will be reached through publication in local journals, the colloquium hosted in Cape Town and the article(s) in popular media, so as to contribute to the knowledge field among South African scholars and to influence public discourses. Publications in international journals will be aimed at contributing to the international scholarship around theories of media globalisation, flow and contraflow and the changing global geopolitics. For this reason, journals that publish outside of North America and Europe (e.g. in China and other BRICS countries) will also be considered as publication outlets.