Prof Wasserman talks Chinese Media in Africa at LSE

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Prof Herman Wasserman, Principal Investigator on the South African Media and the New Geopolitics of Communication Research Project, recently presented the result of his ongoing research on China’s Media in Africa: Expansion, perception and reception at the London School of Economics and Politics.

Linet Juma, for the LSE Polis blog, reported on Wasserman’s study into whether or not Chinese media is being consumed by South Africans and South African journalists, their attitude towards the media, their perceptions of Africa-China relations and how the consumption of Chinese media has impacted the work of South African journalists. From his findings, it is clear that at the micro level, while some South African journalists consume Chinese media, it does not affect or influence how they do their work as journalists. However, at the macro level some journalists expressed fear for long term consequences in editorial policies that may stifle South African journalism that has a legacy of being critical towards the establishment.

However, as Juma reported, Wasserman’s concluded that many South African journalists expressed confidence in the ability of the traditionally robust South African media to resist influence by Chinese media. Something that will remain to be seen in the next few years.

For the full report, read the post on the LSE Polis blog.