China’s media in Africa: expansion, perception and reception

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Professor Herman Wasserman, the Principal Investigator of the South African Media and Geopolitics of Communication Research Project, recently presented the results of ongoing research on the geopolitics of communication to the London School of Economics and Politics. His presentation entitled China’s media in Africa: expansion, perception and reception is based on a study Wasserman conducted in collaboration with Dani Madrid-Morales, another researcher on the project.

Wasserman’s talk covered current trends among Chinese media engagement in Africa, and more specifically South Africa. It also highlighted current debates on the China-South Africa media relationship including those on press freedom and local politics, and focused on the 2013 purchase of Independent Media by the Sekunjalo Consortium. The research furthermore includes a number of in-depth interviews conducted with South African media workers about their perceptions of China, which resulted in the classification of four types of relationships towards the China-Africa media relationship: Unconvinced, resisters, adopters, and pragmatists.

The full presentation can be viewed here: lse-china-media-africa