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A paper outlining a media perspective on the relationship between South and Chin the context of BRICS by Herman Wasserman, PI of the research project, appeared in the latest issue of the Journal of Asian and African Studies. The paper, titled “South Africa and China as BRICS Partners: Media Perspectives on Geopolitical Shifts”, can be accessed here.

This is the abstract of the paper:

The emergence of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) group of states as a new geopolitical power bloc has received substantial coverage in the media. South Africa’s inclusion in the group has been particularly controversial, and media attention tended to focus on the country’s relationship with China against the backdrop of the BRICS alignment. The media industry itself has also been a part of global movements of people and capital. This article seeks to establish how this relationship has been represented in the South African media, and to explore the attitudes of senior journalists and editors towards South Africa’s position within the changing global geopolitical landscape.

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