Prof Wasserman talks Chinese Media in Africa at LSE

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Prof Herman Wasserman, Principal Investigator on the South African Media and the New Geopolitics of Communication Research Project, recently presented the result of his ongoing research on China’s Media in Africa: Expansion, perception and reception at the London School of … Continued

China’s media in Africa: expansion, perception and reception

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Professor Herman Wasserman, the Principal Investigator of the South African Media and Geopolitics of Communication Research Project, recently presented the results of ongoing research on the geopolitics of communication to the London School of Economics and Politics. His presentation entitled China’s … Continued

African agency crucial in China-Africa media coverage

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On 10 November 2016 Wits’ Africa-China Reporting Project hosted the Africa-China Journalists Forum at which the project’s new branding was launched. Among the prominent themes that featured were the critique of the good-bad binary which has dominated coverage on China-Africa, … Continued

Our PhD Student gets to know Beijing for the first time

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In March 2016, the South African Media and the New Geopolitics of Communication Research Project sent its PhD student, Willemien Calitz, to Beijing, China. Here she conducted interviews with journalists working for Chinese publications for her comparative research on South … Continued

Building Images Conference: The Role of Representation in the China-Africa Relationship

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On 14-16 January 2016 I attended the Building Images conference at the University of Nottingham. The conference was organized to explore 21st century Sino-African dynamics through cultural exchange, media representation and translation. As a first-time visitor to the UK, leaving … Continued

WWF hosts sustainable development conference ahead of FOCAC

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On 1 December 2015, in the build-up to FOCAC6, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) hosted a conference on China-Africa relations and sustainable development. In his opening speech, Dr Deon Nel, acting Executive Director for Conservation at WWF International, stated that … Continued

Quality media coverage a goal for Africa-China relations

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Roundtable 2015: Reporting FOCAC6 – A Turning Point for Africa-China Engagement On 12 November 2015 two members of the University of Cape Town’s South African Media and the New Geopolitics of Communication research project, Herman Wasserman and Willemien Calitz, attended … Continued